Technology and Solutions


Evolift is involved is several prototyped solutions for offshore applications as described below.
This is solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also safeguard the lives of those working in these challenging environments.
All solutions utilize the well-proven remotely operated hook form Elebia.


Most promizing offshore solution is the development of Elebia´ hookbot. Evolift is cooperating with Elebia and is nominated distributer for the market in the North Sea.

Bumper and guide

This solutions is now under the final stage of patent application and Evolift hope to have the patent fully approved Q2 2024.
The ovality of the guide and bumper will always make sur ethe hook inside the bumper can enter the masterlink.
Solution has been tested successfully in full scale.

Side connection

The side connection is an alternative way of connecting the standard lifting arrangement on containers remotely and has also been tested full scale (onshore).


In cooperation with Grieg Seafood Evolift has developed and testet a system to remotely and sefely lift bouyancy elements for the anchoring system to the fish farms up on service vessels as part of inspection regime etc.

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